10 Ways to Find the Best Critical Illness Insurance Plan in Singapore


When people spend a lot of money on our hospitalization and medicine, then it also affects our financial resources, and they are going to depression. If you are also one of them, this article will surely help you move out of such conditions. For such a condition, you can go to your nearest insurance agency to get the best critical illness insurance Singapore. There are hundreds of insurance companies that provide such plans, but to get the best plan, you have to search for the best company.

About the different critical insurance plans and policies

Some companies provide different critical illness insurance plans with different insurance policies. These plans include a single payment plan, a multi-play plan, basic plans, and early-stage plans. If you are in a severe stage of illness, you will benefit from basic plans while the early-stage plan provides you with the benefits during the early stage of your illness. 

Similarly, if you buy a single payment plan, you will get the payment upon diagnosis, and that’s all, but if you have the multiple pay plans, you will get the number of multiple payouts during your treatment. It is one type of long term plan. Here we will provide you with the ways you will get the best critical illness insurance plan from HL Assurance Singapore below. Read the below tips carefully and follow them while visiting to buy an insurance plan.

Ways to find the best critical illness insurance plan

  • Budget for the treatment: 

Before buying any critical insurance plan, you should measure the treatment budget. If any of your family members or friends are suffering from any critical illness, then the first step you can do is find out the particular amount you need for the treatment. You need to prepare a roughly estimated amount so that you can choose the best insurance plan.

  • Check whether the illness is covered in your policy or not? 

Before buying any policy, you should also check whether it is included in your policy or not. A critical illness insurance plan is only available for them with a particularly serious disease included in the policy. So, you have to check whether the disease comes under the policy or not. You can also count the number of diseases which is covered by your insurance plan.

  • Check the period of your insurance: 

There are many critical insurance plans that you can extend to the age of 100. Some plans cover for a short time, and some cover a long time period. So, it’s your choice about which type of plan you want to buy. But according to experts, a long term critical illness insurance plan will be beneficial for you.

  • Early-stage vs. late-stage coverage:  

If you are going to buy this critical illness insurance plan for your parents, you should be more careful.  So, for this, you have to choose between the early stage coverage and late-stage coverage according to your parents’ health condition. According to the experts, a basic critical insurance plan provides you a minimum payout in the advanced stage of an illness. So, please buy an early-stage plan for your parents. With the early-stage plan, the chances of recovery are higher. But if any of your family members are suffering from a hereditary illness, then it will be better if you buy both the plans for them.

  • The pre-existing conditions: 

Most of the Singaporeans who are above 60 years suffer from many chronic diseases. Most of them suffering from basic health issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you are also going through such disease, then it will be better if you also go for the pre-existing condition plans. These basic diseases can risk your health condition in the future. It increases the chances of heart disease and cancer, so it is necessary to buy some critical insurance plans as soon as possible.

  • Different plans with different coverage: 

There are different plans which are available in Singapore with different coverage. The companies provide plans such as basic plans, early-stage plans, single pay plans, and multiple payment plans. Different plans have different policies. So you should check all the policies included in the plans and then choose the best plan according to your preference.

  • Check the waiting time: 

Some plans come with a waiting period, which means you will get the insurance benefits after a particular time. Some plans provide you benefits if you can survive at a specific time. Before buying an insurance plan, you should notice the waiting period or survival period of your policy. It will be better if you buy a plan which has a shorter waiting period.

  • The process of claiming: 

Before buying any critical insurance plan, you should first check the claiming procedure of your plan. You should know about the formalities and the documentation process while buying any plan so that you don’t face any issues in the future.

  • Special plans: 

There are also such companies that provide some special features and plans for women and senior citizens. So, try to ask about such plans which provide some featured and advanced plans.

  • Review all the necessary things: 

At last, you should review the necessary things which are included in a critical insurance plan. You have to check the policies once again and solve all your queries by talking with your insurance company.

By following the above ways, you can successfully select or find the best critical illness insurance plan for your family.


Life is unpredictable, and we don’t know that’s what will happen with us in the next few minutes. So, it will be better if we prepare such plans before some medical emergencies. It will be better for you if you have both the plans, including a critical insurance plan and a life insurance plan. So, try to research some best insurance companies to get the best critical illness insurance plan and save your family from any health emergencies.

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